Asterisk (AMI) and Actionscript2


i want to connect to the asterisk manager interface using actionscript 2 but i hit some problems. actionscript 2 expects a null-terminating string (\0) and on the other hand it terminates with a \0 character when sending a string. however, asterisk just accepts the \r\n ending when receiving a command.

my first try was to change the asterisk sourcecode which doesn’t led to success. probably because of my misunderstanding of the source code so i chose to use the asterisk manager proxy where the code seemed more clearly to me. now i got it working to send a login request from actionscript to the proxy and to get a response but a second request fails and i have no idea why, probably it is the null-terminated string from actionscript which the proxy can’t handle.

so my question: did anybody get it working or better has a flash/actionscript2 api for the asterisk ami?