Asterisk + Aculab

I am currently trying to run an asterisk server with with a Prosody PCI card with 4 E1 ports.
The firmware i’ve used in ets_supu.p4r(not sure if this is correct as very little doc’s on it)
I have built drivers correctly etc
However there is a problem running asterisk as it is complaining about the channels saying ‘Unable to specify channel 1’ device or resource busy’
Have you any ideas of what i should do or do you know any1 who does.
ie example card configs ie 13456.cfg & example zapata.conf files for an aculab card would be perfect.
Actually any help in how to interface an aculab prosody PCI card with Asterisk would be brilliant

Any help- would be much obliged.
Kind Regards,

Hi All,
I am currently developing using the same hardware, also having trouble integrating these. Does anyone know where i might find any documentation to help me integrate, or has anyone else done this. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance.