Asterisk accepts unregistered clients

Good morning to everyone.
My questions are: can Asterisk accept dial request from any client not defined in sip.conf or any client belonging to a specific domain?

Can a call be routed to a not just registered client?

If yes, how can I configure asterisk to do so?

I really thank you. Best regards.

are you serious ? you think it’s acceptable to post the same question to three forums on the same board ?

the answer is yes. i just de-registered my Snom phone, dialled 200@ (my Asterisk server) and extension 200 rang. YMMV.

perhaps you could go remove the other threads you posted now ?

Thank you baconbuttie.
I removed the other two posts. I’m sorry.

Could you explain me how to permit asterisk to register everyone ?

from the wiki:

see the entry for ‘autocreatepeer’ - should do what you want.

take a look at

new in 1.2 was an “allowguest=” option.

post here your configs and what’s not working and we’ll see what we can do.