Asterisk 20 wants to uninstall bash

I’m doing a new install of asterisk 20 from source on a totally fresh install of raspbian bullseye.
when running contrib/scripts/install_prereq install the script brings me to a point where I’m presented with this message:

The following ESSENTIAL packages will be REMOVED!

WARNING: Performing this action will probably cause your system to break!
         Do NOT continue unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing!
To continue, type the phrase "I am aware that this is a very bad idea":

Is this expected? Seems strange to me…
If it’s to be expected, could someone out of interest explain why would the installer want to do this?

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Initial reaction is that it is not right.

I doubt that the contributed scripts have been tested on Raspbian.

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Yeah I would agree haha. I’m only using the raspberry to run asterisk. Would it therefore be smarter to just install a tested OS version on it (debian / ubuntu)?

to update: I did proceed with the “bad idea” and am still able to use the CLI and have just now successfully fun ./configure… But lets see…

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This is probably a Raspbian bug. It is likely that one of the package being installed has a declared incompatibility with the latest version of bash. You may have to try each one individually, to work out the conflict. You can probably do that without actually installing anything, by running the installs manually, as the script tries to suppress a lot of the output.

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