Asterisk 20 ari play audio from url

how can i play audio in asterisk 20 using ari and audio url am getting this error

Please provide plain text (copied from log file), not images, of logs.

It’s saying it isn’t a .wav file. All .wav fles start with “RIFF”.

My guess is that you got an error page from the site.

-ws11::sedwards:~$ wget --quiet
-ws11::sedwards:~$ file hello.wav 
hello.wav: MPEG ADTS, layer III, v2,  32 kbps, 24 kHz, Monaural

Naming an MP3 file ‘wav’ does not make it a WAV.

Also note that the sampling rate and bit rate (and of course the codec) are wrong for an Asterisk .wav file. The sampling rate must be 8kHz and the bit rate 128kbps, although the latter will probably be reported in terms of 16 bit samples. .WAV is different, and you probably won’t want to use it.

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