Asterisk 18.0.1: ekiga not sending SIP register on linux Mint 19


up to now, I have worked with linphone on my Mint Desktop, that in general worked for me in Version 3.
As I struggle with the "AppImage"s provided for the newer versions, I turned to search for alternatives and found ekiga in version 4 installable using the APT workflow.

But the softphone denies to send the sip registration to my asterisk server.
tcpdump does not show any kind of connection attempt and ekiga just displays “Verarbeitung läuft” => “in progress” o.s.

It has nothing to do with the asterisk configuration. it just does not send any request out of the network interface of the client.

Anybody who knows this behavior and has a solution?

Please indicate which channel driver you are using and include a, minimally redacted, configuration file (or files) for that driver.

Hi David,
as I said, this is not an issue of the asterisk server itself. EKiga does not sent ANY package out of my desktop (Linux Mint) to the LAN. So regardless of my channel drivers, there are no packages, that could trigger it.
I would like to show the tcpdump, but how should I show You something, where nothing is in :wink:
And to make it round: If I start Linphone, everything works fine (using the same registrar and the connection).

If it isn’t an Asterisk problem, why are you asking on an Asterisk support forum?

Because Asterisk is the core for Voip Stuff, so I thought, if somebody has expirience with endpoints, the Asterisk community should be pointed out first.

btw: I got a step forward: Starting egika as root runs the registration. So it is something with permissions on linux mint 19.
Found that:
sudo adduser whoami voice

but still no success.

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