Asterisk 17.1.0 & Thomson ST2030 - Phonebook "Phone Number" problem: Is the firmware phone fault or a bug?

Hello, I just installed a fresh Asterisk 17.1.0 with PJSIP on a Raspberry Pi 3+.

My problem is with the phone Thomson st2030 v2.78. When you save an incoming call into the directory the dial uri is saved too with the number.

Like this:

|Index|Name|Phone Number|Index|Modify|Delete|Call||
|1 |Num1|33658487xxx@|…

Somebody can explain me why with a From header eg. “Name” <number@server_ip> the URI is picked instead of “Name”

Wow that is a $13 USD discontinued SIP phone ! Congratulations on even getting it to answer a call !

Is the phone sending a REGISTER or are you dialing it by IP from Asterisk ?

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