Asterisk 16 queue setting autofill default?

Can someone tell me for sure what the default is for the queue setting “autofill” for Asterisk 16?

I am seeing conflicting info all over the place in regards to what the actual default is for autofill in this version.

Also, a bonus would be to know what the default was in 1.8.x which we used before and/or if this setting even existed in 1.8.x.

Thanks in advance, we are trying to figure out if adding autofill=yes actually has any affect on a queue or if yes is the default setting in this version.

Also trying to figure out if autofill existed in the last version of Asterisk we used and what the default was to see why we are seeing some differences in queue behavior now after upgrading to 16.x Thanks!

It’s false in the current trunk version:

and in Asterisk

			autofill_default = 0;
			if ((general_val = ast_variable_retrieve(cfg, "general", "autofill")))
				autofill_default = ast_true(general_val);

I can’t imagine it would have been anything else in between, but I’m not going to search out the specific source file versions to confirm that.

Thanks, this actually makes a lot of sense in terms of what I am seeing in my production system. Appreciate the response.

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