Asterisk 16 Config file message

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This is a simple question. In the asterisk 11 13 version of asterisk, while we execute reload we can able to see the parsing “configuration file” message. For example if we run “sip reload” we can see the “parsing “/etc/asterisk/sip.conf” found”

But in Asterisk 16 I am unable to see this kind of messages in logs. This feature is disabled in Asterisk 16.

Can anyone clear my doubt ?

What appears to have happened is that the debug level 1 message is still there:

ast_debug(1, "Parsing %s\n", fn);

but the Verbose level 2 one has been removed.

ast_debug(1, "Parsing %s\n", fn);

There is still a verbose level 2 message if the file is missing:

ast_verb(2, "Parsing '%s': Not found (%s)\n", fn, strerror(errno));

The current source file is I don’t know at exactly which version it was changed.

If you want to see anything for a valid file, you will need to set the debug level to 1, or more, early enough, e.g. on the command line.

Dear David,

Many Thanks for your reply.

ivrsys1*CLI> core show version
Asterisk 16.7.0

ivrsys1CLI> core set debug 1
Core debug was 9 and has been set to 1 for ‘chan_sip’.
CLI> sip reload
Reloading SIP
[2020-06-02 13:22:10] DEBUG[38734]: chan_sip.c:29969 do_monitor: chan_sip: ast_sched_runq ran 164 all at once
ivrsys1*CLI> core show version

I set debug level 1 and maximum level but still m unable to see the parsing “config files” details.

can you help me ?

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The debug message is output by config.c, not chan_sip.c. I don’t know whether one can selectively enable debugging for config.c, or need to set it globally, but setting it for chan_sip wont’t help.

Hi david,

Many Thanks for your reply.

I just set global debug level to maximum level. But still no help.

For all the “reload” log is not at all showing the config files. Can u ensure 16.7 version of asterisk having this feature or disabled it ?

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