Asterisk 16: Applications eventFilter not working (Resource not found error)

I am trying to disallow a few event types sending the following http request:

filter: PUT /applications/{applicationName}/eventFilter

i am getting an error saying “Resource Not Found” (404 NOT FOUND).
Before that i really had an error, where instead of PUT i was trying to do a POST, but the error was different and i received “Method not allowed”. After fixing it, the new error seems unexplainable.
I know the application DOES exist, since i am doing the subscribe seconds before it. I also added a sleep in my test to make sure the subscribe will be done internally on asterisk before attempting to filter events. But still. i get this error.
I tried sending an empty body as well just to be sure nothing was wrong there, and the error is always the same.

Can you please help me understand why am I getting the “Resource Not Found” ?

What version of Asterisk are you using? This functionality was only merged 5 days ago, and is not yet in a release.

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Asterisk 16.2.0

(in asterisk 13 documentation I can see that functionality too)

The documentation on the wiki is built from the source tree, not a specific targeted version. It can contain stuff which is not yet in a release version. If you want this functionality you’ll either have to wait until the next release, or grab the 16 branch from git.

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ok, sounds good !!
Thanks for the quick answer