Asterisk 16.4 API

Dear sir ignore the queue.
How to get Caller-ID by using Gosub and a channel variable using the CDR.
Can you help me to edit or update my php file

Use the channel variable ```

Dear sir can you help me to edit php file to use channel veritables please

1) System(php /script-path/myscript.php "${CALLERID(num)}")

2) Agi(/script-path/myscript.php,${CALLERID(num)})

<?php $cid=$argv[1]; ?>

Dear sir where i need to put these line either in my php or some where else

The purpose of any community forum is to discuss issues, share thoughts and sometime sample codes and configuration files. But nobody here is is willing to write costum code for others members for free, I have been trying to help you give some examples and hints but you keep requesting the same thing over and over. So I suggest you go to a website like or and hire someone who can do this job for you.

Thanks for your support sir