Asterisk 16.28 Mini http server

I’m trying to serve/view a single [small] text file that is on Asterisk but not in the / directory. I set up http.conf and it appears to be working but when I http [http://myserver/the folder/thefile] to Asterisk all I’ve seen is 404 not found. I checked the file and folder permissions and I can cat the file while logged in as non-root. I think it has something to do with hostname but I can’t figure out what.

My http.conf
Is enable static supposed to have an underscore? The sample file shows “enable_static=yes” but the wiki says enablestatic=yes

“The requested URL was not found on this server.

The URL would be:

http://myserver/static/the folder/the file

Thank you. I figured out it only serves from the /static/ folder. Got it working. Waiting for the other end to tell me what port I need to be on.

Both forms are recognized by the code:

Asterisk 16 is in its security fixes only year.

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