Asterisk 16.16.1 and mpg123 version 1.26.4 - PROBLEM

Asterisk 16.16.1 and mpg123 version 1.26.4 have issues with asterisk modules that depend on mpg123.
(my scenario use a raspberry pi4)

The problem happens because the output of mpg123 does not render by default the 16bits expected by asterisk, causing a very strong noise or hiss in the audio.

To solve this, I developed a technique that interfaces asterisk and mpg123, passing a parameter that forces the bit depth to 16. Solving everything like magic:

# mv /usr/bin/mpg123 /usr/bin/mpg123A

# vi /usr/bin/mpg123

write the content:

/usr/bin/mpg123A -e s16 “$@”

# chmod +x /usr/bin/mpg123

Ready! problem solved.

I have to question what the actual issue is as the manpages for mpg123 list 16-bit as the default output format.

Is this musiconhold or some other module that for some reason uses mpg123?

Yes. Asterisk or internal modules call mpg123 to decode files or URLs.
moh and others modules.

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