Asterisk 15-Realtime Sqlite3-I can't write on db from web app

With Asterisk 15, using realtime with Sqlite3, trying to write on file realtime.sqlite3, database is locked, I can write only modyifing the “Journal Mode” to WAL on Sqlite3, but if I modify the database, Asterisk can’t write with the new settings.

Can I use Asterisk and an external web app to write on the same file realtime.sqlite3?


Hi, did you resolve your issue?
I have a similar problem. Asterisk locked my sqlite3 database for realtime configuration.
I can set up peers and dialplan from my database but I cannot change anything after asterisk start. It locks my database after few seconds…

I run asterisk as CLI: $ asterisk -cvvvvv
and try to update database from another tab: sqlite3 sqlite3 asteriskRealtime.sqlite3.db

When i try to write something in my database i get the message “Error: database is locked”


the problem can not be resolved with Sqlite database, I’ve changed database to configure the sip users, I’m using Mysql only for sip users and Sqlite (core) to trace the calls.

thx for quick answer.
Because i am new in asterisk i spent at least two days reading docs and trying to find what is the problem.
Before asterisk I used to use kamailio with sqlite3, so it was easier for me to use sqlite3 for easier integration into the existing system now i have to switch into mysql.
I hope it will not be so painful…:sleepy: