Asterisk 15.4.1 - QueueLog - queue_adaptive_realtime

Hello people,

I’m starting a process of migrating from asterisk 1.8 servers to 1.15, but using queue_adaptive_realtime to splint queuelog’s date field, I’m not successful.

The log is written to the mysql database, but the date field does not pass through the split. For test character, I commented on lines 847, 867 to 875 of logger.c

//if (logfiles.queue_adaptive_realtime) {
AST_NONSTANDARD_APP_ARGS(args, qlog_msg, ‘|’);
/* Ensure fields are large enough to receive data */
“data1”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([0], “”)),
“data2”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([1], “”)),
“data3”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([2], “”)),
“data4”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([3], “”)),
“data5”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([4], “”)),
“data6”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([5], “”)),
“data7”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([6], “”)),
“data8”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([7], “”)),
“data9”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([8], “”)),
“data0”, RQ_CHAR, strlen(S_OR([9], “”)),

                    /* Store the log */
                    ast_store_realtime("queue_log", "time", time_str,
                            "callid", callid,
                            "queuename", queuename,
                            "agent", agent,
                            "event", event,
                            "data1", S_OR([0], ""),
                            "data2", S_OR([1], ""),
                            "data3", S_OR([2], ""),
                            "data4", S_OR([3], ""),
                            "data5", S_OR([4], ""),
                            "data6", S_OR([5], ""),
                            "data7", S_OR([6], ""),
                            "data8", S_OR([7], ""),
                            "data9", S_OR([8], ""),
                            "data0", S_OR([9], ""),

/* } else {
ast_store_realtime(“queue_log”, “time”, time_str,
“callid”, callid,
“queuename”, queuename,
“agent”, agent,
“event”, event,
“data1”, qlog_msg,

I rebuilt Asterisk, after this action the log was now splined. Am I doing something wrong? Did I set something up? Or is there really a mistake?