Asterisk 14.3.0 with HA, TCP src addr problem

Hi everyone,

I setup HA cluster, and running asterisk on the cluster.
When I trying to trunk to a sip server, I face some problem, hope someone can give me suggestion.
The cluster has 2 nodes, one is master, the other one is slave.
The virtual IP is, master IP is, slave IP is
In sip.conf I set bindaddr=, and I test with sip qualify peer xxxx cmd,
if the peer is UDP the option packet src addr is my virtual IP, but if the peer is TCP the option packet src addr is master IP, and the trunk server doesn’t reply the src addr its doesn’t know.
I already set tcpenable=yes, and protocol=udp,tcp, and I also try to set tcpbindaddr=, the result is same as before.
The biggest problem is the trunk server only accept TCP packet, so now I can’t reach the peers behind the trunk server.