Asterisk 14.3.0 Make Install Build Error

While compiling and building Asterisk, I got an error during “Make Install” of Asterisk.
it is -
/bin/install:cannot stat’doc/appdocsxml.dtd’:No such file or directory
make: ***[bininstall] Error1

and Include directory dyoxygen and safe_asterisk are also shown in debugs.
Can you suggest on the same?

The Hardware specs are - centos 7, 32 bit , core 2 duo 2.9 ghz and 4 gb ram

That file is kept in the tree itself. How did you download and build Asterisk?

Hi, That is because I downloaded the Asterisk separately and tried to build it after that.
That could be one of the reasons of that error. However, in resolution for that when I downloaded Asterisk by wget method, it was successful and it was 14.4.0 version of the same… Now I am happy working on the same…

The other reason that I think of is - may be my directory was not correct. I was building in the same directory, where I downloaded and not assigning a new directory for the installation and build files.