Asterisk 13 trunk can't connect to the trunk on the other side

Let’s look at the source:dest port. It changed itself, set to Trunk as port 5060. firewall does not do set nonat.

[1.png - Google Drive]
[2.png - Google Drive]

The response is to random port, not port 5060.[4.png - Google Drive]

That’s a router problem, not an Asterisk one. Start by making sure that no SIP Application Level Gateway is operating on the router. (The source port has been rewritten before the request reached Asterisk and Asterisk is replying to the port from which it appeared, to it, that the request came.

Also, please provide logs as plain text, from /var/log/asterisk, with channel driver detailed logging enabled. If the problem were with Asterisk we’d need the Asterisk configuration.

Again, if it were with Asterisk, you would be told to upgrade as Asterisk 13 is more than two and a half years beyond end of life.

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