Asterisk 13 just stopped working

Hello guys,

I am using Asterisk 13 and suddenly it stopped working. I am connecting to it using a DID but it is not even showing any entry in the CLI.

It had been working perfectly with ODBC. When I tried to reload func_odbc.conf I get this message

*CLI> manager reload func_odbc.conf
Usage: manager reload
Reloads the manager configuration.

It is not even showing any trace calls on CLI even with asterisk -vvvvvvr

It’s ‘module reload’ not ‘manager reload’

@johnkiniston Thank you very much but that didnt solve it either. Nothing is hitting the Asterisk server. Do you think I should re-install it and if I do, will it remove all the modules I already have in it.

I don’t think this calls for a re-install.

Have you verified the traffic is reaching your server with a packet capture? Could it be a firewall issue?

Even starting Asterisk with Verbose asterisk -vvvvvr is working but nothing shows there when I try to make call. How can I test Asterisk to make sure it is working. Even setting the Asterisk server IP on a SIP phone didnt register

Have you done a packet capture? Do you see the packets reaching your server?

Does your server have iptables or another firewall enabled on it that could be blocking traffic?

Has your asterisk configuration changed in any way?

How do I do all these.

You could use ngrep

Or TCPDump

Both utilities are outside the scope of this forum for support.