Asterisk 13 IVR related upgrades

I am using asterisk10 , and want to update it to asterisk 13.I just want to know ,is there any upgradation made in asterisk 13 which can help me to make my IVR better?

Please tell what are the new features related to IVR.

Any suggestion will be highly appricitated.

read the changelogs … Log-13.6.0

Thanks for providing such useful resource.
i started using asterisk recently,So it is a lill complicated to identify the features helpful in IVR creation and upgradation.
I will be pleased if any of you brief some of the main points which show some key difference between asterisk 11 and 13 at the IVR upgradation level.

I am trying to prepare a presentation about the key difference between asterisk 11 and asterisk 13.
Which of the asterisk version serves my IVR applications better ?

I request all asterisk experts to contribute there comments on difference between asterisk 13 and asterisk 11 but should be related to IVR :wink: .