Asterisk 13 - IVR no value


I am using Asterisk 13.12.1, installed from AsteriskNOW image.
I defined two IVRs and I set inbound route with destination to first IVR.
I opened socket to AMI and listen for events. When I call 7777, call came to the first IVR but I can not get the name of IVR in the AMI events. I think it should appear in variable value.
I added IVRs through FreePBX admin panel.

This is the map that I receive:

    [event] => VarSet
    [privilege] => dialplan,all
    [channel] => PJSIP/99303-00000146
    [channelstate] => 6
    [channelstatedesc] => Up
    [calleridnum] => 303
    [calleridname] => 303
    [connectedlinenum] => <unknown>
    [connectedlinename] => <unknown>
    [language] => en
    [accountcode] => 
    [context] => ivr-1
    [exten] => s
    [priority] => 9
    [uniqueid] => 1542136398.330
    [linkedid] => 1542136398.330
    [variable] => IVR_MSG
    [value] => 

Did I miss something?

AMI events will only have the variables name who are documented here

If you want to have custom value you will need to generate a custom event

Thank you for answer.
I do not need custom event. In version 11 on this event VarSet variable IVR_MSG contained name of IVR branch.
How can I get the name using Asterisk version 13?

You get the variable on the VarSet event, this raised when a variable is set to a particular value. So the variable must exist first , Thar particular variable it is part of the FreePBX dialplan, so you will need to modify the FreePBX ivr-1 context in order to save the IVR name.

Thank you very much. I was able to solve my problem.