Asterisk 13, Inbound call with agentlogin app

Dear all,
I have aproblem with inbound call:
Agent login via AgentLogin app. When a call connected to an agent. If press hold on Softphone Eyebeam, after 30 seconds a call auto hangup and agent logout automatically.
Please let me know a solution for my issue.
Many Thanks!

Set the eyebeam so as not to suppress both RTP and RTCP when on hold, or change the timeouts for these to be ridiculously high.

I don’t see this has anything to do with the use of the agent feature.

Other possibilities are that the softphone has broken handling of re-invites, so try turning off directmedia, sendrpid, and any session timers.

Finally this can happen if there is a NAT misconfiguration that results in a bad Contact header being sent and the final ACK never arriving from the phone.

Generally you will need detailed logging to separate out the possible causes.

Dir Mr david551,

I followed your instruction below and my issue is fixed.

Thank for your support!

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