Asterisk 13 - ARI - Can't append a bridge record and a channel record

I have a scenario where I need to record to the same file a bridge record + channel record.
I tried doing it with the same filename and setting ifExists=append on the POST.

But unfortunatelly the ulaw only contains the channel record (second record). The append on ifExists didn’t work;

I monitored the ulaw file and I can see it being overwritten.
As soon as I stopped the bridge record, the file was updated with 156K size. And when the channel record finished, the same file was updated with 120K size.

Please refer to my record POSTS below on both “Bridge” and “Channel”.
I save them to the same file name and I added the ifExists=append.

POST /ari/bridges/24/record?name=recording_outbound_10152.ulaw&format=ulaw&maxDurationSeconds=0&ifExists=append

POST /ari/channels/1513969460.430/record?name=recording_outbound_10152.ulaw&format=ulaw&maxDurationSeconds=0&ifExists=append

Do you see something wrong?

As a work around I am now only recording the channel of the customer. I wasn’t doing that before because I believed it would only record what’s spoken by the customer, but it also records the agent (different channel).
I tried that and it worked, so now i don’t have to append to records to the same file. I can keep recording until the customer channel hangs up.