Asterisk 13.7.2 stops with an error related to


I installed asterisk version 13.7.2 yesterday, but it stopped twice in the same day. Each time, the logs in /var/log/asterisk/full just stop without any error message. In the syslog, there is this error that shows each time asterisk stops :
Mar 3 10:49:02 asterisk kernel: [47923.065444] asterisk[17500]: segfault at d ip 00007f6006bb7120 sp 00007f5f3e58ed38 error 6 in[7f6006b67000+2b7000]

I have odbc and libmyodbc installed and i use func_odbc in my dialplan. I was using asterisk 11.20 width odbc and it was fine, but there was this issue with webrtc that caused asterisk to stop working, that’s why i installed the latest version.

Thanks for your help