Asterisk 13.1-cert7 sudden freeze after 14 days of uptime

I have build it from sources, without pjsip.
I use chan_sip and res_odbc for CDR and CEL.

I could not restart it via ‘core restart now’.
Only sigkill had an effect.

I found this:

How could I debug it? I am unable to recreate this bug.

I will try to switch to res_mysql and test again.

Any advices will be highly appreciated.

Certified branches only receive fixes as a result of commercial agreement customers encountering issues, otherwise it remains a frozen branch until a new one is created (Asterisk 13.8-cert1 was just released). If you are a commercial customer please contact support in order to pursue this problem.

If you are not a commercial customer then I’d suggest tryingthe latest Asterisk 13. If it occurs you can follow the guide on the wiki[1] for getting a backtrace when there is a deadlock and file an issue (with configs and details about what the system is doing) on the issue tracker[2].


Well, latest version is not much help…

It is deadlock. Thank you. Hope it helps me to debug it.

By the way, does 13.8-cert1 have ODBC problems which you meant in last my post?

“No, the UnixODBC changes were added to 13.8”

13.8-cert1 has the appropriate fixes for ODBC.

As well I’d expect Asterisk 13.10 to be released in the next few days.

Do you think it is better to wait and to try asterisk 13.10 instead of 13.8.c7?

That’s a decision for you. If you have a problem with 13.10 then an issue can be filed.