Asterisk 12 restarts frequently when enable AMRWB codec

Hi Everyone,

I am new to asterisk and recently we enable AMRWB codec in our production system where we are using asterisk 12 with ChanSIP.

When we enable AMRWB codec, everything is good and all our sanity tests successful.
But later, during peak hours asterisk start crashing in every 20 to 30 minutes.

I didn’t see any errors in the asterisk logs.
Could anyone please suggest what could be the issue like am I missing any configuration

Do note, however, that there is no AMR-WB codec included in Asterisk and its code is not part of Asterisk, or any other patches that it may apply. You can’t file an issue with the project for it and so any help would be limited to this forum or other places.

Also, I didn’t notice the Asterisk 12. The only fix that would be offered for Asterisk 12 is to upgrade to a, at least, Asterisk 18.

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