Asterisk 12, Paging and pjsip, PA system


I have got two Raspberry Pis running with pjsip (python) working on sip, Asterisk is on Centos 6.5 and a SIP client on a windows 7 box (MicroSIP)

Please note the pysip clients automaticly answer.

I can talk to each Pi just fine, works a treat. But I can not get the page function to work. When I call the paging extension I get a ‘Declined’ on the MircoSIP :frowning:

Here is the conf

exten => 200,1,Verbose(Raspberry Pi1)
same => n,Dial(SIP/pi1,60,3)

exten => 201,1,Verbose(Raspberry Pi2)
same => n,Dial(SIP/pi2,60,3)

exten => 203,1,Verbose(Paging)
same => n,Set(PageExts=SIP/pi1&SIP/pi2)
same => n,Page(${PageExts},i,120)

Any ideas would be of help. thank you.

Regards John

Solved… confbridge.conf was needed, done, and working


Ick. Do you recall what error you were seeing on the Asterisk CLI without confbridge.conf present?