Asterisk 11 manage G729 licences v. quota

I have asterisk v. 11 in full production within 30 G729 licneses.
I have just installed the the passthrough for G723 codec, for the moment, to test how is working the passthrough…


Is’t possible to work with legal transcoding G729 license, and at the same time use the passthrough, when my licenses are over quota, or over certain channels, then turn over the passthrough, without transcoding the calls??

or, I heared that asterisk 11 support the CPU over loading and channels processing, when the processing quality are critical, use other codec, then the earlier during the call itself, or for the next call, by controling CPU over loading, and codec linceses availibility??

Dose that possible??

Bumm… noboddy??

There is no support for such complex logic. You can passthrough in G.729, anyway. Asterisk should only transcode if it needs to do so, but it won’t backtrack earlier decisions.

Thank you for your prompt David, without you the community forum is nothing;)

So it’s not possible to go within both, local transcoding, and passthrough over licenses quota, that’s clear…

It’s not possible to run both g729 and the pasthrough fonction, in the same server, where I can appoint one context to transcod, and other to passthrough, for exemple?

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Asterisk sends the allowable codecs to the incoming side at the start of the call. That side can choose any of the allowed codecs and change the decision mid-call. Therefore the dialplan cannot restrict the choice of incoming codec.

There are channel variables than can be set to control one or both of the allowed set of codecs on the outgoing leg or the actual choice of codec. However, unless that matches the actual codec used on the incoming leg, there will be transcoding.

If G.709 is chosen for both incoming legs. There is no inband DTMF, there is no monitoring or whispering, there is no conferencing, there are no tones generated by Asterisk, all MoH , all voice announcements include .g729 versions, and the call is set up from incoming to outgoing (Originate intrdouceds complications), Asterisk will pass through G.729 without consuming any licenses. If the calls, further, meet the requirements for direct media, Asterisk won’t even see the choice of codec after the re-INVITE.

If the incoming leg is G.723, you should be able to use the channel variables to restrict the outgoing leg to only using G.723.