Asterisk 1.8 RC3 AMI not working - GUI not working

hi everybody

after compile asterisk 1.8 RC3 ( rc4 and rc5 not compile in my system - intel l440g+ ) , trying to use AMI but is not working , is there any flag or option to select on menuselect???

then i download asterik gui and install it , but when access the url server:8080/gui/static/config/index.html the browser show me that page as plain text .

what is the problem in both cases? what im doing wrong?
txs in advance

my mistake, AMI is working now ( included file not exist je!) but still no luky with the gui

Just a post to confirm that GUI does not work with Asterisk 1.8 - You only seem to be able to see the source of the html - strange.

I’m having the same issues upgrading from 16 to 18.