Asterisk 1.8 No channel type registered for 'Gtalk'

installed ASTERISK 1.8 to use GVOICE.

I get this error

[Oct 31 20:31:14] WARNING[4025]: channel.c:5353 ast_request: No channel type registered for ‘Gtalk’
[Oct 31 20:31:14] WARNING[4025]: app_dial.c:2030 dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type ‘Gtalk’ (cause 66 - Channel not implemented)
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)
– Auto fallthrough, channel ‘SIP/222-00000008’ status is ‘CHANUNAVAIL’

How do I get the necessary channels …

When I do a core show channeltype - GTALK is not shown

asthome*CLI> core show channeltypes
Type Description Devicestate Indications Transfer

Phone Standard Linux Telephony API Driver no yes no
Console OSS Console Channel Driver no yes no
USTM UNISTIM Channel Driver no yes no
Skinny Skinny Client Control Protocol (Skinny) yes yes no
Local Local Proxy Channel Driver yes yes no
Agent Call Agent Proxy Channel yes yes no
MulticastR Multicast RTP Paging Channel Driver no no no
IAX2 Inter Asterisk eXchange Driver (Ver 2) yes yes yes
Bridge Bridge Interaction Channel no no no
SIP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) yes yes yes

10 channel drivers registered.

I had same issue with AsteriskNow 1.7.1 so I did a full install of Asterisk 1.8.

Not an * expert, but Gtalk is not included by default in Asterisk 1.6/1.8. I think you have to compile Asterisk and use make menuselect to add additional channels. You can find some useful info here and here.

Thanks for update. I will try this.