Asterisk 1.8.8 and USB ISDN TA

There are following problems.

Linux Ubuntu 10.4
Billion ISDN USB TA 128.
LCR 1.7
mISDNv2 within kernel.

Until now i used LCR 1.7, MISDNv2 and a hfc-s based usb.

Now, I want to install asterisk 1.8.8 on my machine.
There is no possiblity to install a pci card. So i need to use an usb-dongle for ISDN TA.

I tried to compile chan_lcr from mISDNv2. But it seems that this modul not compatible with asterisk 1.8.8 sources.

There are some expierence with other USB ISDN cards and channel drivers?
It seems there is no support for ISDN anymore by LINUX. All project going asleep.

I’m open for all kinds of hints.

best regards