Asterisk 1.8.6

Does anyone know why if mirroring the asterisk port, that I can see sip packets from asterisk to a device but not the other side from the device to asterisk? I see only 1 side of the call seg as far as SIP messages…?!?

Is there a switch in asterisk to make it stay in the call path as far as signalling ? I don’t mind if RTP is sent from device to device but I need to see at least the signaling from both sides…

Asterisk 1.6 is a no longer maintained short term version (1.6.2 still gets security fixes, but only for a couple more months).

Asterisk is a back to back user agent, so always stays in the signaling path (give or take 302 redirects and REFER transfers).

If you want a low level capture of the traffic, use tcpdump on the same machine, although sip set debug output is better for many problems.

Sorry, the version is

If I look at the /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, all peers have canreinvite=no

Yet it seems like the * is not staying in the call path…