Asterisk- and/or asterisk-1/6/1/6 vs Uniden UIP1869V

I have three devices, a Uniden UIP1869Vonage IP Phone system, a DLink DVG-1420S, and a Linksys PAP2v2 systems, configured as extensions to my Asterisk PBX system hosted on a FON2100 device running on an OpenWRT firmware. All of them function as expected. When I upgraded my Asterisk PBX system from asterisk- to asterisk- and/or newer version, I found the following problems ONLY occur when I try to place a call using my Uniden UIP1869Vonage IP Phone system:
[ol][li]Calls placed to the internal echo test line or other extension lines on my Asterisk PBX system no longer work.[/li]
[li]The same thing also applies to calls placed to outside my Asterisk PBX system. Incoming calls are OK.[/li][/ol]
Again, the above problems only occur when trying to place a call using my Uniden UIP1869Vonage IP Phone system, i.e. the other two systems don’t have such problems. This means the asterisk- and/or asterisk- is no longer compatible with a Uniden UIP1869Vonage IP Phone system. Has anyone encounter problem like this on other ATA devices? If you find a work around on these issues, I sure would appreciate your helps. Thanks.

Apparently, asterisk- fixed all of the above problems. I noticed aasterisk- has addressed a lot of issue trackers.