Asterisk 1.4.4 & taxation

Hello everybody,

I’d like to have a web-based interface on asterisk 1.4.4 (like free-pbx) to tax calls…

What can I use?

Do you understand what I want?

I’m not english, sorry for the language…

do mean like sales tax

I think he mean billing system

yes, exactly… do you know something that works with asterisk 1.4.4???

Try MOR (, works very well on asterisk 1.4.x


[quote=“suhenrique”]Try MOR (, works very well on asterisk 1.4.x


Does it work with asterisk-gui ??? :unamused: sorry

I have asterisk 1.4.4 and asterisk-gui. i’d like to use an billing system, and an ldap directory… does it correspond with what i want??

Does anybody know a billing that would NOT try to be an asterisk configurator as well?

yes, please…?