Asterisk-1.2.13 and VoIP router - How to configure?

I have configuration exactly the same as described in this PDF (scenario 39-1) and also the same configuration files: sip.conf, mgcp.conf, extensions.conf from PDF. … pter39.pdf

Router and Soft Phones successfully registered at Asterisk, internal calling is enable, but external is still dissable. I can’t phone from software phones and from FXS ports through PSTN (FXO ports).
Also in Asterisk console I can see:
-Got SIP response 500 “Internal Server Error” back from
(this is my router’s IP address)


NOTICE(7645): indications.c:505 ast_unregister_indication_countr: Removed default indication country ‘us’


WARNING[7656]: chan_mgcp.c: 699 retrans_pkt: Maximum retries exceeded for transaction 1 on []

  1. Where I made mistakes ?
  2. How to enable PSTN calling ? Nedd I modify zapata.conf from default settings? Or configuration from PDF that’s enough ?

I’m begginer :blush: , sorry for easy questions.

please don’t cross-post. it’s considered rude. can you delete either this thread or the one in docs.

Yes, I deleted the one in Docs, but it didn’t solve my problem with Asterisk :laughing: