Asterisk 1.2.0 New Installation

Greetings to everybody.

I have installed Asterisk 1.2.0 and doing testing for last two weeks. Keeping Asterisk with private lan ip, I have tested MTA series ipphone, video phone and softphones like x-ten and windows messanger. Further able to terminate call to PSTN through Cisco router.

However, I am facing following issues:

  1. callergroup and pickupgroup not working — somewhere in google or this forum I found it won’t work for SIP channel? Am I right?
    (pickupcall feature is working)

  2. Meetme feature is not working – any working config will help. tried number of config from wiki and this forum.

  3. features.conf — call parking working but blind transfer and attended transfer not working. However default call transfer # is working; if I am introducing blindtransfer using feature.conf like #1 or *1 transfer not working as well as default # also not working. (I mean features.conf changes taken by asterisk but can not make transfer)

  4. call forward using DBput and DBget working but unable to delete the entries using DBdel and OCBCdel. now using asterisk command prompt to delete entries. (in 1.2.0 DBput DBget function usage changed…I am using old format and getting it is depreciated worning) What is the new syntax here.

I have accumulated my questions over these two weeks and exhausted all the options using google.

Appreciate forum members help. Any experience/suggestions

Thanks for viewing