AsterFax Testers required - support for 20+ file formats

I’m about to release as second beta of AsterFax which will support 20+ file formats including MS-Word, Excel, OpenOffice Writer, OpenOffice Calc etc.

Basically AsterFax uses OpenOffice to convert files to a PDF and then ghost to convert the PDF into a TIFF. Using this method AsterFax is able to support every file format that OpenOffice does (which is a significant number of formats).

Before I release a general beta I’m looking for a group of testers willing to do some hard yards in helping to test AsterFax with a number of file conversions and in optimising the configuration files (a script and OpenOffice macro are used). If you like this is a alpha of a beta :smile:

If you are interested please email me at my user name and I will send out the configuration instructions.