AsterFax Help!

I have installed and have Asterfax running on Trixbox 1.1. I am able to receive faxes but have a question regarding sending faxes. I am attempting to send a fax via my e-mail client (Outlook 2003). I currently have my email services through a 3rd party vendor for Exchange Server Hosting. I know how to set up addtional accounts within Outlook but what are the ‘settings’ or steps to direct-connect this new account to Asterfax?

Currently, using my Exchange Server hosting account, when I try to fax to 3035551212@fax.local, the e-mail is attempting to send it out from my Exchange Server account and get returned undeliverable. I know there is a way to do this to configure a second SMTP outgoing account but not sure how or what the setting to direct connect would be.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


never actually done this but it would go something like this-

in outlook do tools-accounts. hit the second option and hit next. Create a new account, type POP3/smtp, put the smtp host as your * box or anything that can route mail to it.

then when you make a new message you should have the option to send it using account… might be in a toolbar you can enable