AsterBill 1.0 - Non-Hosted Release


This Friday (August 26 2005) Cybex Development will launch the encoded non-hosted version of AsterBill, a billing software designed for Asterisk™. This brand new software will help you to ease the billing of all the calls which go through your Asterisk™ installation. AsterBill is a set of databases and inventories which automatically manage your invoices, billing, create various statements and reports, help you manage your taxes, keep an inventory of your phone adapter logs, and much more.

The non-hosted and encoded version of AsterBill includes an encoded licencing system which grants us a way to keep a control on the interface in circulation, and fight against piracy. Prior to installation, Cybex Development requires specific information related to the new customer’s server. We then generate software keys for the non-hosted solution using this information. The licencing system then verifies with our verification servers and ensures that your software is valid, and enables its use.

The new non-hosted solution of AsterBill will be offered for two weeks at a promotionnal cost of $99.99 US/month for the first 6 months, and as an added incentive, will include a free additional module for the 6 months as well.

The non-hosted version of AsterBill is currently offered with unlimited user capability, unlimited calls, and no limitations on any other aspects. This is subject to change in the future, as this is a promotional opportunity for our new customers. The promotionally offered module, which will come at no cost to our new customers, is Calling Cards or Wholesale.

Also, live prepaid billing is now included in the AsterBill base package, after verification requirements with the new customer are satisfied.

As well, the price of additional modules are $24.99 US/month during the six months promotional period. Subsequently, the price will be $49.99 per module.

For more informations, don’t hesitate to visit the Cybex Development website at :

Pierre-Luc Quimper
Business General Manager
Cybex Development
Phone: 1-514-907-0051