ASTCC logs only the first record ! What is wrong?


i downloaded and installed ( a week ago) ASTCC. I 've read that there was a patch for astcc.agi that corrected cards in use e.t.c. I suppose that this patch was in the latest CVS which i download and installed.

I 've also modified the cdrs table by adding the callstart column in astcc db. My calling card applications seems to work but my cdrs only keep the first record for every calling card. If i place a new call from my calling card the new call is not being logged in the mysql. I get a cdr for every card but only one. Even if i call two or three times from the same calling card i only get one record.

However, the “amount used” by each card is incremented which is correct because i ’ ve placed new calls via this calling card.

My /var/lib/astcc/astcc-config.conf file is as follows:

maintcdr = YES
dbname = astcc
cardlength = 4
dbuser = asteriskdbuser
startingdigit = 1
friendsdb = YES
maintverbose = YES
dbhost = localhost
maintname = mpla
dbpass = astccpaswd
pinstatus = NO