ast_speech_engine is NULL for ABE during SpeechCreate()

We have implemented an Asterisk module for speech recognition. The module is compiled under asterisk 1.4. We are trying to run it on ABE 3.7.2 (based on 1.4)
The issue we are facing is during the call of SpeechCreate(“Engine_Name”): we are getting a NULL pointer to the speech->engine (on function create(ast_speech *speech,…)). Note we are not experiencing this problem when running the module under 1.4, but only when running it under ABE 3.7.2

1- Is it OK to compile the ASR module under asterisk 1.4 and then load it on ABE?
2- If 1 is ok, why are we then getting a NULL pointer?


  1. Probably not
  2. See #1.

Unless you’re a source-level customer of ABE (and note that ABE itself as a retail product is long-since gone), there’s no telling why.

There shouldn’t be any expectation that such a thing would work, either.


Thanks Malcolm for the reply,
How can we become a source-level customer of ABE ?

ABE is a dead product. Everyone using it should migrate to one of the -cert releases of Asterisk (available in 1.8-cert and 11-cert).

Thanks Malcolm for the reply.