Assing a line to a phone


I have a tdm400 with 4 fxo modules… does anybody know of a way a can assign a specific zaptel line to a specific sip phone? This line is going to be a “private line” for our company, and I would like to have anyone who calls on that line to by-pass the “recptionist” and ring my phone directly…


put it in its own context in zapata.conf then create same context in extensions.conf and have it dial your extension

exten => s,1,answer
exten => s,2,Dial(myphone)


Thank you for your response!!! Unfortunately (I’m sorry), but I’m a newbie at this and I need a little more of an example…


ok this wont be exact with out seeing your configuration. Lets say channel 4 is the private line so in zapata.conf you are going to need something like this

channel => 4

then in the extensions.conf file you will need this

exten => s,1,answer
exten => s,2,Dial(myphone) change the my phone to what ever you need depending on the phone you are calling


I think I get the idea now… Thanks again for your help!