Assign SIP account to user

Hi All,

i’m quite new to Asterisk. Perhaps someone point me into the right direction.

Just successfull set up Asterisk with two different sipgate accounts. How can i achieve that let’s say user1 will always use sipgate account1 and user2 always sip account2 ? In addition i have to make sure that any user cannot use the SIP account of another user.

Thanks in advance


I can think of two different approaches to this, depending partly on your setup. You don’t say whether those different users will always be using different phones or if they’re using the same phone.

If they’re using different phones, you just put the two phones in their own separate contexts and then write the appropriate Dial() commands in each context.

If they’re using the same phone, then the only way i can see it can be done is to give each one a code which they enter before the number they’re dialling. Maybe a 3-digit code, say. It would be possible to systematically go through all combinations of 3 digits to try and find the other person’s code, but it would take a while. More digits = more security, but also more hassle.

Thanks, sounds quite simple. They are using different phones.

Cheers, Martin