[ASK] Recompile/Recovery recording files

Dear guys,

According to my subject, I have some problems with asterisk’s recording that running on my customer,
every outgoing calls are recorded and have call details in mysql DB, but i found some calls that have “0 Kb” of size but the call duration is more than 3-10 mins. and there’s no voice when it’s played. i just have read some tread/posting then i got some sound files in /var/spool/monitor/…
for example:

those *.gsm files are match with file name in mysql that have 0kb of size, so assumed these files are the uncompiled sound, and now i need to insert these file to recording folder and can be played just like other sound/voice file.
what should i do? i’m really new in asterisk( 2-3 weeks) with less knowledge in linux.

thanks in advance