Arris CATV Modem

[color=darkblue]I apologize for such a rudimentary question, but I have tried to search the forums but to no avail.

Is the Asterisk a client-end software that I can download to my home PC (Mac) so I can use my iMac to get/display CallerID info from my Cable Broadband/VoIP provider, and possibly use it as another “phone” in my house?

I am clueless on VoIP via cable technology, but I am a “weekend geek” with a knack for quickly learning new things on my own. I am simply a CATV-VoIP residential customer with Insight Communications in Northern Kentucky wanting to have CallerID info pop on my monitor when the phone rings. They installed an Arris Touchstone TM502G/H Telephony Modem, if that helps. I’m assuming this is SIP?

Am I in the right place, or even close to finding something like this for the Mac?

We have the Sphericall VoIP system w/ their client software at work. I realize the Sphericall setup is both proprietary hardware and software. But I really, really like seeing the callerID and all the other features at work (i don’t expect al these features here).[/color]