ARI ws events from sip trunk

Hello. I’m doing first steps in ARI. Registered application hello: and from ws client subscribed to SIP/7001 extension and SIP/Intertelecom trunk

ari show app hello
Name: hello
  Debug: No
  Subscription Model: Application/Explicit Resource Subscription
  Subscriptions: 2
      SIP/7001 (1)
      SIP/Intertelecom (1)

Endpoint 7001 - is my softphone. And when it’s changing status, ws client success received message
endpointChange, DeviceStateChanged…
SIP/Intertelecom - is registred based SIP trunk to VoIP provider.
And unfortunatelly when the trunk changes status(ringing, unregistered, registered) I don’t see any messages on WS client. Please, help to understand why info from sip trunks is skipped. My asterisk version Asterisk is 14.6.0.

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