ARI Snoop channel (in or out)


I’m trying to understand ideas of channels, can you help me please?

I have Channel_1 and Channel_2 in mixing Bridge_1.
I have Channel_3 in mixing Bridge_2.

I create snoop channel - (channelId=Channel_2, spy=out, whisper=none, snoopId=Channel_2_snoop).

After this, I add created channel to Bridge_2, and expect to hear what they say on Channel_2, but I hear what they say on Channel_1.

So, what is my mistake?
(asterisk version is 16.6.1)

So, that means Channel IN - it is when they say to channel, OUT - is is when they HEAR on channel, right?

In = Audio coming from the channel, Out = Audio going to the channel.

So in would be them, out would be who they are talking to.

Hard to understand this logic :). Thank you

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