ARI request load balancing

Hello all,
I need to deploy another Asterisk instance because the number of users increased, but I have a problem with load balancing of ARI requests. Do you know about any tool that could help me with that? So far I have only found Kamailio but it only dispatches the SIP communication. So even if I use it to dispatch incoming calls, I also have to dispatch request to create channels for outbound calls. I am new to this community, so I am sorry if I have not given you enough information.
If any schemas or configs are needed, I will do my best to provide them.
Thank you for all the help


A lot depends on the nature of the ARI requests.

Methods for load balancing can vary by language and system libraries. One approach is to randomly balance by selecting a host to send each new INVITE to, from a list, at random. Then keep track of calls and hosts in your other business logic that interacts with the (now multiple) ARI backends.

Or, keep running the stand-alone script that talks ARI on a per-host basis, but shuffle locks around when manipulating any of your underlying shared data that is accessed by either of the (now multiple) stand-alone scripts on the separate hosts.

Asterisk functions like SRVQUERY and SRVRESULT, maybe GROUP and REDIRECTING or HANGUPCAUSE, along with applications such as Transfer, are also worth a look, if you need to configure more of this in the dialplan.

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