ARI question about Bridges and addChannel settings for outage/recovery scenarios

I am looking at ARI and possible network or power outage recovery scenarios.

We create a bridge and channel A and B calling the addChannel with different role, absorbDTMF, and mute settings for each channel.

A network outage or power plug is pulled by accident from the PC with the ARI connection.

I believe the bridge and calls will remain in Asterisk and Stasis control. Calls A and B remain in the bridge with the settings.
Is this correct?

We can retrieve the channels and the bridge via the GET /bridges and GET /channels.
Is there a way to determine what the settings are for the channels added to the bridge? Bridge object contains a list of Channels, but I don’t see a way to retrieve the settings (Role, absorbDTMF, Mute, …) for each Channel.


The state of Asterisk will be as it is even when the ARI application disconnects, and no there is no way to retrieve such information.


Thank you for confirmation

the best way to handle failover is for your ARI application to save it’s state in a redis / database
your app e handle starting the app then need to handle cheeking your redis/ database to reestablish control

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Thank you.

Storing into a database matches what we do for other server HA scenarios.

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