ARI IVR Menu Problem

I have created an ARI application based on the information provided [url][]

I can get it to play recordings but I will not take DTMF signals and play the next prompt(or wait for user input).

Asterisk Verison 13.4.0

/jshint node:true/
‘use strict’;

var ari = require(‘ari-client’);
var util = require(‘util’);

ari.connect(‘http://localhost:8088’, ‘asterisk1’, ‘asterisk’, clientLoaded); //not really access info.

var menu = {
// valid menu options
options: [1, 2],
// note: test one question
sounds: [‘q1_wouldyouhire’, ‘q2_wereyousatisfied’],
soundsIndex: [0]

var timers = {};

// Handler for client being loaded
function clientLoaded (err, client) {
if (err) {
throw err;

client.on(‘StasisStart’, stasisStart);
client.on(‘StasisEnd’, stasisEnd);

// Handler for StasisStart event
function stasisStart(event, channel) {
console.log(‘Channel %s has entered the application’,;

//channel.on('ChannelDtmfReceived', dtmfReceived); 

channel.answer(function(err) {
  if (err) {
    throw err;

// playIntroMenu(channel);

function playOpener(channel) {
    console.log('playOpener was called');
    var playback = client.Playback();{media: ['sound:q1_wouldyouhire', 'sound:45700001']}, playback, function(err, newPlayback) {
        // ignore errors
        if (err) {
            throw err;

// Handler for StasisEnd event
function stasisEnd(event, channel) {
console.log(‘Channel %s has left the application’,;

// clean up listeners

// channel.removeListener(‘ChannelDtmfReceived’, dtmfReceived);


FYI: Not many ARI users follow these forums, they hang out on the asterisk-app-dev mailing list[1] primarily. As for your problem have you confirmed that DTMF is set up and working properly on your server outside the scope of ARI?

[1] … sk-app-dev